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Casino Legal Advice From a Trusted Firm

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Gaming law is a complex area of practice, involving many different aspects of the industry. Duane Morris attorneys are experienced in advising casino operators and vendors as well as various administrative proceedings and contracts. They also represent the interests of various stakeholders, including banks and other non-traditional lenders and vendors of goods and services to casinos. Casinos have become an increasingly important part of the economy, resulting in a growing demand for high-quality legal advice.

The gaming industry faces many challenges and opportunities, and requires experienced attorneys to address their concerns. From developing new projects to navigating complex transactions, casino businesses face labor and employment concerns, intellectual property, tax, real estate, and gaming legislation. They also need to respond to disputes and protect their interests in the industry. To ensure a smooth and successful operation, these businesses need experienced legal counsel to advise them. Casino legal advice from a trusted firm is crucial.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in negotiating casino development agreements and tribal/state gaming compacts. They have represented tribal interests throughout the United States and guide vendors in the process of establishing and implementing gaming operations in various jurisdictions. Additionally, our attorneys represent a leading casino and resort in Detroit. They also draft and advise clients on gaming legislation amendments. So, who are we and what do we do? Let us discuss how our attorneys can help you!