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David Luiz As BC.GAME’s new Brand Ambassador

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David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

BC.GAME company is excited to welcome David Luiz as the company’s new brand ambassador. Luiz will work closely with BC.GAME as the casino’s brand ambassador to spread information about the site and get people talking about it on various social media platforms and live-streaming services.

BC.GAME’s Brand Ambassador David Luiz

The association between David Luiz and BC.GAME will benefit the cryptocurrency casino in more ways than one. He can link the Brazilian football community with the online crypto casino platform—David Luiz as a BC.GAME ambassador and one of Brazil’s most well-known football players will expand the brand’s player base inside and outside the country.

David Luiz will interact and communicate with the community of crypto casinos primarily through the use of various social media platforms. Just like Twitch, an engaging streaming service designed for entertainment and gaming, he will also be able to communicate and interact with many players and supporters.

BC.GAME’s Potential For Growth

The total count of Brazilians playing at online casinos has increased, with many searching online to play at sports betting and crypto casinos due to their convenience and safety. BC.GAME has also finally introduced sports betting to its list of games, which is also one of Brazil’s most preferred types of gambling.

BC.GAME will be able to reach the Brazilian market and target larger audiences as a result of this partnership. With BC.GAME’s access to the Brazilian crypto casino and online sports betting moment, there will be a great opportunity for Brazilian football fans and avid sports betting to take part in digital sports and casino occasions. This includes accepting more extensive wagering options for highly anticipated sporting events such as the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Brief Biography of David Luiz

Professional footballer David Luiz Marinho, or simply David Luiz, hails from Diadema, Brazil. Currently, he is a member of the Rio de Janeiro-based Flamengo Rowing Club in his native Brazil. In spite of Luiz’s popularity as a center-back, he has also served as a fullback and a defensive midfielder.

An Overview of BC.GAME

BC.GAME is an authorized digital currency gambling site with many traditional casino games, live casino options, and wagering on sporting events. The crypto casino is among the first to assist lightning networks, which will further revolutionize the blockchain world and the gambling industry by allowing immediate payments in cryptocurrency.

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