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What is the Progressive Jackpot?

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Progressive slot machines are slot machines that offer single-line wins. A single-line win means that the amount of money entered into the machine will be the same every time the machine plays. Therefore, a progressive jackpot has a much larger jackpot amount than a straight jackpot. When the jackpot prize is won, then the jackpot prize for the following play is set to a certain amount and resets under the same rules. Some machines may require multiple plays in order to receive a single-line jackpot prize.

How much can one jackpot win? Generally, the amount of money that will be received for a single play is based on the total amount of bets made on that same machine. If there are two people playing a progressive slot machine, their chances of winning the jackpot increase dramatically. In an eight-liner, a person has a slim chance of receiving a million dollars while they are tied with two other players for a share of a six-line jackpot. With a progressive slot machine, one can easily get away with one-thousand dollars or more.

How do slot players win in these games? Like the conventional slot games, a player usually enters a bid, wherein the more money put in, the higher the chances of winning. The amount that a player pays to also determine how much they stand to gain after a win. Some casinos use a “pool” method where a fixed sum of money from all players is divided up and added up for each win, setting up a local jackpot game in many cases.

So how does one perform well in these progressive jackpot slots? Slots that offer a progressive jackpot are known to be easier to beat. This is because a smaller wager needs to have a larger win to increase the payout compared to a larger bet. The smaller the wager, then the less it takes to cover the winnings for that specific wager. Progressive slots are characterized by having small payouts because of this.

Progressive slots also offer a top prize that is worth a great deal of money. For example, if a player wins their first spin of the slot, then their chances of getting the jackpot prize are close to one million dollars. Even if they lose the same number of spins, their winnings after one spin will give them one million dollars. Of course, this prize is given out on a single jackpot slot, not per machine. With just one spin, a player is capable of earning near jackpot prizes.

On top of the progressive jackpots, there are also additional smaller prizes that are worth a great deal of money. For example, the jackpot games with the highest payouts are called the “pooled jackpot games.” These progressive jackpots can be won by playing many different numbers on the machine over multiple sessions. The more times a person plays the machine, then the more chance of winning the large prize. This is true for both the progressive and the pooled jackpot games.